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Jalgaon Runners Group KHANDESH RUN 2K23

Khandesh Run 2K23, an initiative by Jalgaon Runners Group, is more than just a marathon – it’s a tribute to the vibrant heart of Khandesh. Weaving through its picturesque landscapes, this event invites runners of all skill levels, from seasoned marathoners to enthusiastic beginners. It’s a celebration of community, determination, and the passion for running. Step forward, embrace the challenge, and be part of an unforgettable experience in Khandesh’s grand running spectacle.

3rd December 2023

Start Point : Sagar Park



Running isn’t just about personal records or finish lines; it’s a powerful gesture of solidarity.
In our marathon, each step taken champions a cause, turning miles into meaningful change for those in need.

Jalgaon Runners Group

Jalgaon Runners Group (JRG), founded by fervent running enthusiasts, aims to cultivate and champion a robust running culture within the city. Their passion not only drives personal growth but seeks to inspire the community at large.

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